Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 5, California: DISNEYLAND!!!

Originally the plan was to be in the gates of Disneyland as they opened at 8:00am. After being in Cali for 4 VERY full days, we had 2 VERY cranky boys that changed that plan a bit. :-P They both fell asleep about 9:00 the night before Disneyland and slept a little over 11 hours!!! That's a first! Never in all their lives have either of the boys slept that long! Jude woke up first at 8:15 & then Joel followed about 20 mins later.
{{Still a little foggy, watching Disney channel}}
Our hotel stay included breakfast so we took advantage of that (mainly to help from spending a small fortune on amusement park food). With happy full bellies, we packed up the suitcases and headed to DISNEYLAND!!

{{Packed up! Headed out!}}
Jon and I were pretty worried the crank wasn't going to wear off after a couple fairly huge meltdowns on the way to the park and thought we may be in for a horribly long day! We couldn't turn around now...could we?! We had been promising this day for so long! With high hopes we could turn frowns upside down, we pressed on!
As soon as we parked & headed towards the entrance, the boys were instantly SO excited!! Thank you, Jesus!! Let the adventure begin...

{{Heading inside!}}

Our first Disney star sighting was Pluto! He was RIGHT inside the gate! Couldn't miss him...and boy J&J didn't!! Haha!
Jude: "Look mommy! Pluto!"
Joel: "Look mommy! Fluto!"
{{Waiting in line to see PLUTO}}
{{First Family Shot}}
It was about the time we got in line to take a pic with Pluto that I realized I had forgotten the boy's autograph books in the car! Doh!! I had tried so hard to cover every base and be prepared for the trip w/o spending a bazillion dollars inside the park...all to forget the autograph books?! Boo! I made the boys shirts...I bought them Mickey Mouse stuffed animals, ball caps & their autograph books on Amazon ahead of time... *sigh* How could I forget the books?! As it turns out, it really wasn't a big deal at all. The boys could care less about autographs & were less than interested in anything more than playing with their Disney friends! They can just color on the Mickey  "notepads" at restaurants or something later I suppose, lol.
We made our way thru the entire park!
{{Jude and Jon mapping out our day}}
{{"It's a small World"}}


{{Riding the train around the park}}
{{Jungle Tour Boat Ride in Adventureland}}


{{Visiting Mickey in Toontown }}

I cannot get over the star struck faces the boys had!! PRECIOUS!!

{{Driving Mickey's car}}

Atleast half of my photos look like this...

I love J&J's backsides too... They were so into everything, it was sometimes hard to capture their faces!!๐Ÿ˜
One of my favorite areas was The Hundred Acre Woods. They had a cute ride & we got to see Tigger, Eeyore & Winnie The Pooh all in one place!! Joel LOVED hugging on Winnie The Pooh! It was so stinking cute!!! He didn't want to leave! 

The day really couldn't have gone any better! ๐Ÿ‘The boys were amazingly behaved & enjoyable 99% of the day! Jude even  managed to hold a smile without a nap!
Joel gave it a good effort but did end up taking a "time out" to nap for about an hour. It worked out fine, too! Jon & Jude got to ride a couple rides Joel wasn't able to while I stayed with Joel on the sidelines watching.

After nap time, we decided we would go ahead and grab some dinner. We had assumed we wouldn't stay late enough to catch the fireworks but we were thinking at this point, we may make it!! It was almost 7 & The boys were still in good spirits, just hungry! By mutual request, corn dogs & apples were our menu! 

{{Shot in my Minnie Mouse Ears}}
With an hour and a half left before fireworks, we went in search of more characters... By far, the favorite was MINNIE MOUSE!! They LOVED her!! And she was so sweet to them!!

She was my favorite, too! ;-)

We did get to watch the fireworks show!! We didn't end up leaving the park until close to 10:00! Good job kids! Turns out it truly is one of the happiest places on earth! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We love you Disney!!


  1. so much fun!!! love your beautiful family - the boys just look tickled pink! love, love, love it. and i love the picture of you wearing your mouse ears - so beautiful!! i hope we get to take piper some day, sooo fun! :) (starting to wonder how many exclamation points i can use in one

  2. Thank you so much! I feel the same way about your fam!! We love you guys and miss seeing you more! Piper is just precious! The boys did have such a blast! We wore them (& us) out having too much fun!! haha. YES! I can only imagine Pip's face seeing all the characters, too! Joel's smile couldn't get any bigger! His cheeks were so scrunched from smiling, you couldn't tell he had eyes in some pics. LOL! I love the exclamation you can tell!!! ;-)