Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Many To-Do's!!

Seriously?! How is it already April 17?! This is a self directed blog entry to help me stay organized and focused. Writing things down always seems to help me!

With 12 days til' Joel's first birthday and only 5 til' his birthday party (if you include today), I'm starting to freak a bit! Here's the to-do list:

· Finish hot glue-ing cupcake toppers
· Fabric streamers for Joel's high chair
· Punch holes in paper mustaches for straws
· Wal Mart Run: cupcake mix, icing, sprinkles, waters, kid sized milk cartons/capri suns, straws, paper bags for favors, chocolate for pretzel "cigars"
· FAVORS: paper bags, die-cut-out ties for closure and cutesy manly stuff to fill
· Hobby Lobby: wooden J & #1 for wreath, glass containers
· paint letters and hang on wreath
· Make check out for cake/cookies and have ready to deliver to Alicia at party
· Secure bounce house
· Mustache bash onesie and shirt(s)
· Mow yard (pooper scoop first) & Clean

The house is under contract. Option period is up! PRAISE GOD!! There are still a couple major things that have to happen... Moving prep to-do list:

· Roofers come Wed: make sure money is transferred to ckng acct
· A/C tune up scheduled for Wed from 8-12
· work with Nikki to move cleanings to Grandma's
· Coordinate with PODS for storage
· Appts wed 4/25 with Sandlin people for design and electrical - make sure Jon is off to come with.

And sewing for Brooke's...
· 5 orders that I need to finish, not including Joel's birthday stuff

My solution is...I'm taking half a day of vacation and leaving work at noon. I need it for sanity. Gotta get these lists under control! I'll be better for all if I can knock some of these things off my brain! :)

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