Thursday, April 12, 2012

A day in the life of my text conversations with Jacqueline, J&J's Nanny

This is just a tiny snapshot of a typical conversation I daily have with Jacqueline, the boy's sweet nanny. Jacqueline happens to also be my cousin's wife and therefore, family. Thank God! I think by that connection, she's required to still love me thru all of J&J's wonderful trials....right?! :-)

A few others for your entertainment...

"Have you any ideas where Jude's other shoe is?"

(referring to Joel) "He has managed to find the one spot in the yard where he can get stuck under the fence!"

"Jude just used his toy barn and climbed into Joel's crib"

"If Jude says "dammit" it's totally my fault and I am sooooo sorry! Joel spilled my water bottle and it just slipped out!"


"Hey, how many stickers for poop in the potty?"

Love you Jacqueline!! Hehe. Thanks for making my days! :-)

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  1. Hey! All I'm sayin' is that that boy can count to 13! I did NOT want to give him the wrong number of stickers. :P