Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I ♥ Bumbo!

Bumbo…One word…GENIUS! I used it with Jude and now Jon and I find ourselves taking it everywhere for Joel! Priced at $10-17 depending on where you purchase, I should probably just buy a spare and keep it in the back of the 4Runner! It’s worth every penny tenfold! Sometimes we think “we probably won’t really need it tonight” when we’re going over to someone’s house…we always regret that thought!
What it does: It allows infants without great head/neck control to sit upright on their own. It’s made of solid yet soft foamy material, it’s super lightweight, comfortable, durable, and SUPER easy to clean!! *No I am not being paid for this blog entry, LOL.* The best part…it can go anywhere baby goes! Hence, the above picture…bath time made easier! :)
Though some think I’m an awful parent for putting it on the kitchen table (there are no straps or fasteners), Joel LOVES being part of our dinner at eye level.
*Yes, my baby is "diaper only naked"quite often in our home*

I’ve heard some mothers use it as a booster seat at restaurants too…I will probably try this!
The ability for me to be hands free for household chores or to play with Joel face to face is wonderful! There’s no product like it! It’s a must for all new parents!

Oh and there’s MORE! There’s a Bumbo tray too!! Not AS amazing as the seat but still, pretty awesome! :) When Jude was old enough to eat small bites of table foods we used the tray a lot. Even before the table foods, we used it for toys.

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