Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's on your Grocery List?

I feel like an average trip to the grocery store tells so much about where you are in your life. Do you buy a lot of groceries or eat out most of the time? Do you go to wal-mart to save as much money as you can or would you prefer to just pay more and go into a Tom Thumb for the better layout, produce and bakery items? Are you purchasing healthy/produce or mainly just snack items?

Here’s my un-edited grocery list for this week…which I purchased yesterday after work at the ever dreaded wal-mart. I’ll also note that I would rather grocery shop hungry and chance “add-ons” over going later with kiddos.

On the list:
Cars (the movie) or Batman toy – for birthday party boys were invited to Friday.
Green Leaf Lettuce – salads/sandwiches
Bread – gotta have sliced bread for sandwiches
Can of Diced Tomato – to make salsa
Ripe Tomatoes - to make salsa/salads
Peppers (Anaheim, Poblano, Japs) - to make salsa
Bag of fozen ckn breasts – we eat a lot of ckn :)
Veggies – signed up to bring a veggie tray to our small group this week
Miracle whip (lite) – for Jon’s sandwiches during the week
Capers – because they’re delicious!
Cheerios – Jude bug
Can of corn – A typical go to for Jude bug and recipes
Can of Chili Beans –new crock pot recipe A
Can of Black Beans - new crock pot recipe B
Can of Tomato paste - new crock pot recipe C
Sour Cream – for veggie ranch dip mix that will go w/veggies
Hamburger meat – an “on hand” must have
Taco seasoning – Jon loves him some tacos
Flour tortillas – for the (soft) tacos
Lunch meat – we bring lunch to work
Milk – 2 gallons min a week
Bananas – Jude bug
Red Grapes – good for work snack
Tortilla Chips – to go with homemade salsa
Hot Dogs – Jude Bug, no buns needed
Chives & Onion Cream Cheese – bagel topper
Crescent Rolls – dinner bread
Shredded Cheese – another must have on hand item

Purchased but NOT on my list:
Can of diced pineapple – a sweet treat for Jude
Can of Manwich sauce – who doesn’t love a good ole’ Sloppy Joe
Pasta – spaghetti
Mushrooms – spaghetti
Jar of pasta sauce – spaghetti
Cheez-its – I caved
Vanilla oreos - I caved
Potato and cheese pierogies – somewhat healthy…right?? No clue, I wanted them
Frozen pizza – easy option for after work when lazy
Apples – easy lunch side (work)
Ranch Dip mix - shoulda been on the list but I forgot ;-) Goes with sour cream that WAS on the list
2 cans of soup – easy work lunch
Halloween Mellow Pumpkins – Halloween candy is out, what?!
Sun Dried Tomato Feta Cheese – yumm-o, yes please! I’ll put on my salad!! I just put grocery list into google search to see what would pop up and found this site immediately - It’s the world's largest online collection of found grocery lists. Too funny! Check it out!

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