Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I suppose Oklahoma is O-K! ;-)

This past weekend Jon, Jude and I made a trip to Oklahoma to see family and celebrate my sisters upcoming 27th birthday! My Nana and Poppy (mom's parents) live in Shawnee, OK and it's been almost 2 years since we've stayed AT their house. My sister lives about 30 miles away in Moore, OK...just outside of Oklahoma City. We couldn't have picked a better weekend for a visit! The weather was GORGEOUS so we spent most of our time outdoors!! Jon and I had a wonderful time visiting and Jude had a blast playing with his cousins!

My grandparents have a beautiful big backyard! They have a small portion fenced off right behind their house that was perfect for the kiddos when we wanted to keep them close. They also have a pond and lots of land that the boys love to go explore!

Jude had so much fun!! Swinging with Poppy & Daddy, snack time with Nana, playing with his cousins...it was such a great weekend! I can't wait til we get to go again and hopefully Joel will get to join in on the fun then too! I think my favorite part was watching Jude get to know my grandparents so well. My dad's parents live in Arlington so we see them a couple times a month but it was a real treat to see him love on Nana and Poppy and vice versa!! :) Not many are fortunate to have both sets of grandparents living...Jude has tons of loving family!! He's a blessed little boy for sure!!

My only and baby sister, Staci, turns 27 February 28th! It's amazing to me how fast the years have started passing. She can't be 27! We all got together for dinner and cake Saturday night. Nana made her famous strawberry cake and we enjoyed every bite! Mmm, It's so delicious!! Even the icing is homemade! After dinner we couldn't say goodbye without playing a couple card games of "hand and foot." I hate to brag but...the girls kicked booty. HeHe.

We left Nana and Poppy's house Sunday morning and stopped in OKC to meet up with my sister's bunch for church and lunch before heading back home. We filled our bellies once again at Ted's before hitting the road!

Jude cheesin' up the other guests while we waited for our lunch table...

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