Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brooke's....Open For Business!

After work on Valentine's day Jon, Jude and I ventured out to look at monogramming/sewing machines. I had done my research and knew what I wanted but never thought I'd be coming home with one! Well...We ended up purchasing the beautiful machine pictured to the left! Happy Valentine's Day to me!! ;-)
I've spent nothing short of a small fortune the past couple of years having gifts and things of Jude's monogrammed. I KNOW many of my fellow mommy friends can relate! So the plan is simply this...I'm going into business!

Hopefully thru craft fairs,, word of mouth orders, etc, the machine will pay for itself AND I can save my friends money! :-)
The money I'll save in gifts alone will be substantial! Ofcourse for now I'm taking things slowly and day by day... I know with baby Joel arriving shortly I'll be quite busy BUT with that said, I'm totally excited for future potential and find myself day dreaming of what else I can sew, embroider, monogram... Just today I spent my lunch break at Jo-Ann's and bought 5 new kid's clothing patterns to practice with for my first craft fair booked for the end of March! They were on sale for $1.99 each....I couldn't resist! I have my DBA/Tax ID and a business account...I'm pretty set! I created a Facebook page and I have 50's a start!

Who knows, God could provide in a way that allows me to stay home with Jude & Joel! Wouldn't that be just too awesome?! I have faith, feel so blessed and absolutely love my new machine!! :)

Here's a couple of things I did last week:

An apron for my cousin, Shannon's, Cake business

Some fun stuff for Jude bug

I'll take some more pics of things this weekend and post next week to show off! ;-)


  1. Congrats! I had no idea you were so crafty! Very cute (and smart!).

    Also, I didn't know you were hoping to be a stay-at-home mom. I hope everything works out for y'all! I would love to work part-time (like 20-32 hours a week), but it just hasn't worked out for us to be able to make that happen.

  2. Thanks girl! Same here with working...I'd love to do part time but we'll see... I haven't even approached the idea with management as of yet. Plus with 2 little boys at home, I just want to be with them more! BUT I also want them to experience the social atmosphere of daycare and being around other kiddos, etc. Day by day... If I can work out BROOKE'S to be successful enough that it pays the bills and allows me to stay at home more, fabulous! Until then...I'll be working at LM ;-) It's just too good of a job to leave right now.
    You're so great at photography!! You could easily do that if/when you wanted to go part time/full time with that! ;-)
    It will be interesting to see where our lives lead us in the next 5-10 years. HeHe.
    Love ya!