Thursday, October 27, 2011

A weekend visit to see G-Dad and Gigi!

Jon went with some of his friends to Vegas for a fun weekend so I packed up the boys and headed to Roscoe to see my parents. Two totally different weekend trips, both absolutely enjoyable! Mine was very relaxing; kid friendly and full of mom’s cooking (as usual). Jon’s was much faster paced; airports, an MGM hotel room (barely used for sleeping), table service and clubs to celebrate a birthday, poolside lounging/recovering and a massive hangover lasting until I think Tuesday morning.
Jude would ask “where’s daddy?” and almost immediately remember and tell himself “daddy in airplane!” all weekend! So cute!
“G-Dad” (my step-dad) had double knee replacement surgery Oct 10th so I figured he’d be stuck in his bed quite a bit…wrong! He’s a super star! He was up walking around and playing with the boys quite a bit! Jude kept trying to kiss his knees saying “G-dad boo boo, ouchie!”
We stayed around my parent’s house most of the weekend and just hung out. It’s such a nice “slow down” coming to visit them. I even get to sleep in! ;-) Gigi (my mom) spoils everyone! You want for nothing at their house! We did a mini photo shoot with the boys in the front yard, Jude helped carve his first pumpkin, we baked the seeds…all kinds of Fall fun! I love my family! ♥

The boys ♥ their Uncle Kevin!

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