Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4645 Daisy Leaf Dr...Listed!

After much thought...going back and forth and back and forth over whether or not we should sell our house, we've made the decision to list! 4645 Daisy Leaf Dr is officially on the market as of Monday. Alot of things have taken place in my life since purchasing the house...getting married and having the boys being the biggest events! *sigh* I will miss the area and house but I'm very excited at the potential sell and move! We really could use more room!
The constant cleaning for showings may just cause a "keel over" but I am one determined girl! We have carpet cleaners and our cleaning lady coming tomorrow and an open house scheduled for Sunday after church. Bring on the buyers! :-)
The ideal part about listing now I guess is that we're not in a "desperate to move" situation. If we don't get an offer that's acceptable to us, we are okay to stay put! I sure do love my backyard/Pergola patio! ;-)
Ofcourse I've been looking at home listings online but I don't dare look at any in person just yet. I don't want to get my hopes up! Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely optimistic...I just don't want to find a "perfect Howerton home" only to have it go off the market before ours sells.
I'm sure I'll ramble another post with updates but for now...this is all I have to share. :)

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