Thursday, February 11, 2010

DFW Winter Wonderland

It just makes sense that my first week back to work would include a blizzard! I mean why not, right?! LOL. I'm looking out my window at work watching huge flakes come down and It's absolutely gorgeous! Isn't it so neat how snow can make something ugly so pretty with just a partial - inch covering?! It really does feel like a wonderland! :-)
The weather stations are saying it will last for a while and I just saw online that Keller ISD is releasing early and cancelling classes tomorrow. I am dreading my afternoon commute back home wondering just how many hours it will take??
It was far from an easy task leaving this morning w/both Jon and Jude cuddled up asleep all warm and snuggly. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll stay with them!

Gorgeous Fort Worth Trees, Our house this morning & Jon's car - So thankful I park in the garage! Thanks babe! ;-)

Hoping everyone stays DRY, WARM and most of all SAFE today!

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