Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Howerton

Team Howerton ~ Jon, Brooke and Jude

I'll just start rambling b/c that's the easiest thing for me at this point ~ this whole blank template staring at me is intimidating! LOL. I've thought about creating a blog for a little over a year now but Jude's arrival has prompted me to actually do it! I'm proud to officially finally have a "BLOG" to share. YAY!!!

SHORT VERSION of how we became...

I met Jon at a Cross Canadian Ragweed Concert almost 5 years ago. Looking back I have no idea how we ended up dating with Jon being so shy and myself being so far from that...hence the public blog. ;-) I went w/a girlfriend of mine & he was there with several of his friends (one that was dating my friend). Neither of us were looking for a relationship but somehow left that night smitten with each other.
We dated for a little over 3 years...thru Jon's grad school, my many job transitions, apt to house moves, etc. Jon finally proposed 2/29/08 at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine over dinner. I was SHOCKED and couldn't hold back my happy tears. I had been waiting for this day and couldn't wait to marry my best friend! We made our calls to family and shortly after decided on 09/06/08 for the wedding date and asked Jon's dad, Stan, to marry us in our Keller church home (Northwood).
We spent our first year traveling and building a home together. We considered our dog, Bentley, our child and spoiled him willfully. We decided we were ready to the idea of having a baby around February-ish of 2009 and stopped preventing, which most will tell you..."That means you're trying"...they would be correct! I went to the Dr in April so sure that something was wrong w/ Cancer wrong with me, LOL. Nope, I was just pregnant! :-D
I couldn't even wait to tell Jon in person, I blurted it out on the phone as soon as I left the appointment! I was so nervous excited that I couldn't hold it in! I was dying to hear his reaction and have someone to share with. He was equally thrilled and we started picking out names together!
In some ways the pregnancy seemed like it took forever and in others it flew by! Jude Kaylor Howerton arrived 5 lbs 9 ounces on December 14, 2009. He was perfect!! :-)
Being so early in the "Parenthood game," I am still completely on cloud nine! I can't get enough of either of my boys and am so blessed to have such a healthy and happy family!!


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