Thursday, March 29, 2012

SOLD!!! Maybe...

Many of you are asking how things are going. I'm so afraid to divulge anything just b/c things seem to change by the minute but here's where things are RIGHT NOW... Thank you to all praying for us! :)

**Back story note: We’ve had 3 offers, all around the same price. We’ve turned them all down**

The house showed 5 times Saturday and there was a “second showing” on Sunday. Linda, our realtor, called Saturday afternoon asking about pool locations and other HOA stuff for clients. I felt confident that there would be an offer…and it came in on Monday. It was similar to our prior offers. We had been talking and Jon and I are both in agreement we are ready to move on! So, we accepted! I was so relieved and took a deep breath of relief that I could atleast let the kiddos play with their toys more freely for a while without OCD cleaning up after their every step! Haha.
Well, turns out the young couple that signed on the dotted line needs 100% financing…meaning they want their closing costs, etc rolled into their home loan. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to get the house they’re buying appraised. Wouldn’t you know it, I don’t think these kids have the money to pay the $350ish for that! It seems to me they don’t have money to be shopping at the mall, much less buying a home. Ay yay yay! Anyways, contract was signed by both parties on Tuesday. That gives them til’ Wednesday, April 4, to back out. I’m not holding my breath! My feelings of relief have come to reality and I’ll have the house clean and ready for showings this weekend, haha. Lord be with me! Selling your house is an emotional process!!

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