Thursday, March 15, 2012

How can my BABY be almost ONE!?

As usual, time has escaped me! My sweet baby boy turns ONE on April 29. With everything going on, Jmainly trying to sell our house/move, I have been torn on what to do as far as a birthday party. I absolutely adore the "Little Man" theme and there are so many cute ideas on Pinterest! With some hesitation, I went ahead and ordered invites Monday. They are SO cute!! I moved the party date up a week and figure worst case, the party location will have to be moved if we were to sell and have to be out pronto style, right?! We're keeping the invite list minimal so it won't be a total nightmare if it does have to be moved. Friends, Please don't avoid my calls in fear I'll be asking to borrow your home...but I may be! Hehe. ;-) J/K!!
Side note: We only had one house showing over the weekend (due to down pouring rains no doubt) which really gave me the ease to go ahead and order the invites Monday. Since, we've had showing after showing!! We had 3 just yesterday! Funny how God laughs at my OCD most days, LOL.
Here's a pic of the invite...


  1. What a cute idea for a party! I love the "comb over" verbiage.

  2. Thanks girl :)There is SO much on Pinterest!! I have a "board" full of stuff I want to use! If y'all are open to a DFW visit that weekend, we'd love to see you! Miss y'all!