Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy 84th Birthday, Papa!

We helped my Papa celebrate his 84th birthday last week, June 14, 2012. It was such a great time!! My Grandma and Aunt Pam had friends come set up & play bluegrass and Papa got to visit with friends and family he hasn't seen in a while! Jude had more fun than anyone performing for all! Haha.

 Pics say a thousand words...

Grandma made a German Chocolate Cake for Papa and a vanilla cake for others. Both were delish! Yes, I had both! :-P
Jude greeting the guests and offering them balloons as they wait for Papa

My monkey :)
My sweet Grandma Box

The guest of honor, PAPA!! Happy Birthday!!

Love this picture of Uncle Tim and baby Timothy! So sweet!
Papa enjoying the festivities!

Yes, the banner says "Happy Dirthday" - Dollar Store get what you pay for I suppose?! Haha
Group shot at the party! :)

The awesome Band

 Uncle Tim is great with the lil' ones!

Papa with Grandma and Aunt Pam

Happy 84th, Papa! We love you so much!!

2 videos of Jude "performing" -

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